In the academic year 2011-2012 Adyghe State University (ASU) got 50 budget places for students-compatriots living abroad

In the academic year 2011-2012 Adyghe State University (ASU) got 50 budget places for students-compatriots* living abroad. Students and graduates will be trained free of charge, at the same time students will get stipend of 1,200 rubles (about 40 USD) per month. The arrived students will be provided with comfortable, 2-3 bed rooms in the hostel. The cost of living is 600 rubles (about 20 USD) per year.

During studying students can use the student cafeteria, where lunch costs on average 60 rubles (2 USD).

Undergraduate and graduate students will start their learning from Russian language course. Their first year at the university, students will study the Russian and Adyghe languages, as well as training other needed subjects. To help students to learn the language better we have got all the modern facilities: language lab, modern program for study Russian as a foreign language, as well as highly qualified teachers. After the first, initial, year of study, students will have exams and get a certificate. In the future it gives them an opportunity to enter the ASU and to continue their study on selected occupations in various faculties of our university.

During further studies at the university undergraduate and graduate students have an option to continue study Russian language free of charge.

Hurry to complete and submit the profiles and become new students of ASU, we are confident that you will be pleased that chose our university!

Documents needed for application:

  • Copy of passport page (for the procedure preparing the of your invitation)
  • Copy of your school certificate or diploma (to enter the University you should graduate from the secondary)
  • To feel the profile (see the link)

To get the more dilates you may write to our address
Or tell (8772) 521388
Or fax (8772)521388


Compatriots according to Russian Federation Law are the people who were born in one country or who are living or who were living in this country, people who have common language, religion, culture, traditions and customs, also the lineal descendant.

On “compatriots abroad” defines:

a) Russian citizens residing outside the Russian Federation

b) People who were citizens of the Soviet Union who live in states that made up the Soviet Union also who had acquired the citizenship of these states or became stateless people.

c) Immigrants from the Russian state, the Russian republic, the RSFSR, the USSR and Russia, who have the appropriate nationality and became citizens of a foreign state or who have a residence permit or became stateless people.

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